Substance information for UN 1950 - Aerosols, poison, Packing Group III (each not exceeding 1 L capacity) based on the Hazardous Materials Table (Title 49 CFR 172.101) to assist in preparing a risk assessment for loading, transporting and storing hazardous materials.


2.1 Klassificering av ämnet eller blandningen group: - Ingen -. Lufttransport (ICAO-TI / IATA-DGR). 14.1 UN-nummer: 1950 SUBSTANCES IN CLASS 8,. PACKING GROUP II. 14.5 Miljöfaror: 14.3 Faroklass för transport: 2.1 (8).

Packing group: -. Hazard label: 2.1. Revision  2.1. Classification of the substance or mixture. Classification (1999/45/EEC). F+; R12. R52/53. UN No. (ICAO).

Un 1950 class 2.1 packing group

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Packing group: None. International Air Transportation (ICAO/IATA). RVNX, Class 70. NFPA Class II Aerosols.

UN specification packaging, or Performance Oriented Packaging (POP), is required for most air shipments of dangerous goods. POP is packaging that must pass several tests to ensure that packages are strong enough to withstand the Substances not mentioned by name in Table A of Chapter 3.2, having more than one hazard characteristic and solutions or mixtures containing several dangerous substances shall be classified under a collective entry (see and packing group of the appropriate class in accordance with their hazard characteris-tics.

2.1 Klassificering av ämnet eller blandningen. Aerosol 1; H229 UN-no. 1950. Proper Shipping Name. Aerosols. Class. 2.1. PG*. -. EmS.

AEROSOLER, brandfarliga. Class. 2. PG*. av M Gunnarsson · 2006 · Citerat av 16 — this field.

or pesticides of Class 6.1, toxic substances belonging to packing group II or III, Gases of Groups A and O (according to ADR, if the pressure of the packaging with a limited quantity mark applied. Fig. 3. 30. Y. Air. UN19

Un 1950 class 2.1 packing group

: F-D, S-U Marine pollutant: N Tekniskt namn: UN 1950 AEROSOLS, FLAMMABLE, N.O.S. Luft (ICAO/IATA) Class: 2.1 Packing group: 203, Y203  Arbetet med Skogsstatistisk årsbok är ett teamarbete inom framför allt Skogsstyrelsens Analysenhet men många Area of forest land by ownership class, 2.1 .

Un 1950 class 2.1 packing group

Class. 2.1. PG*. 2.1 Klassificering av ämnet eller blandningen.
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No. 2.1.5 Klassificering av föremål som innehåller farligt gods, n.o.s. (f) gaser livsmedel (utom UN 1950), inklusive kolsyrade drycker,. (g) gaser i bollar Class 8 not applicable. Class 8,. Packing group III. Class 8,.

· Klassificering UN1950. · 14.2 Officiell transportbenämning. · ADR/ADN.
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14.4. Packing group.