Winter does feel like it lasts half the year, with the weather getting extremely chilly ; so be prepared to wrap up warm should you visit between October and March.


Stockholm, Sweden - Current weather, an hourly forecast for today, tomorrow, detailed Winter days are mostly cloudy and dark, as well as moderately dry.

Winter Weather in Stockholm. Winter in Stockholm lasts from December to February, and the weather in those three months range from minus three to minus one degrees (Celcius). Winter in Sweden is cold with the average temperature drops below freezing (0 °C or 32 °F). The winters are harsher in the north with lots of snow, rain, and wind. Where to try winter swimming in Stockholm.

Stockholm in winter

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What many travel guides leave out is the fact that Swedish summers are notoriously unreliable. I’ve walked all over Stockholm (in fact, on my most recent trip I walked over 40,000 steps in two days). And I came across so many hidden gems. However, if the weather isn’t cooperating during the winter months, Stockholm and extremely well connected by Tunnelbana – Stockholm’s metro system. Winter in Stockholm - This is why my city Stockholm is absolutely stunning under blankets of snow during winter.

Here's what to do when you travel there in the  Jan 18, 2019 When Imogen West-Knights moved to Stockholm, she learnt that the absence of light can do strange things to you.

18-nov-2018 - Sweden in the winter is beautiful beyond measure. Sweden in Winter: Stockholm Stockholm, Italien Resor, Mall Of America, Royal Caribbean.

As a lover of all things breakfast & brunch related, Stockholm was heaven for me. If you’re in visiting Stockholm in winter, I highly high HIGHLY suggest you check out SoFo (south of Folkungagatan). Come along on a wonderful sightseeing tour with the M/S Angantyr in a wintry Stockholm Archipelago!

Jul 14, 2015 I did some online research and, surprise, Stockholm, Sweden came out the other issue with Scandinavia in the winter is that it gets dark early 

Stockholm in winter

That means long  If you are in Stockholm (or anywhere else in Sweden) on December 13 you will of Stockholm offers in winter especially if it turns out to be a white Christmas. Visiting Stockholm in winter? Go skiing on one of the city's slopes, glide around a classic ice-skating rink, or join a guided long-distance skating tour across Lake Mälaren.

Stockholm in winter

By Emily Billington. The steamy window to my left frames a dismal picture: pines swimming in a loose mist, muddied snow  Winter in Sweden: Days are often much shorter in Sweden, particularly thanks to the polar nights, when periods of complete darkness reign around December. For   Stockholm has a vibrant nightlife scene with something to offer to everyone. In Stockholm, you will find everything from pubs with loud heavy metal music to posh  Stockholm - Let me take you on a walk through the inner city of Stockholm and Old Town. You will admire the unique 3:30p.m darkness brightened up by the  We are staying in the Sheraton hotel. Can you please all suggest things you have done in the winter in Stockholm (particularly around Christmas as I want to do  In winter Swedish restaurants are always candlelit and look so cosy.
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5+ days winter tour to Sweden including Stockholm, Sweden's Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, and Abisko Aurora Sky Station for Northern Lights observations. Jan 22, 2020 Where to Stay · Things to Do in Stockholm in Winter · Vasa Museum · Other Nearby Museums and Attractions · Eat Meatballs · Explore Gamla Stan. Visiting Stockholm in winter?

- 100% Bomull  Det nya Stockholm kring Vintertullen: En skissbok = The new Stockholm round the winter toll-house : a sketch-book (Höjerings stockholmianaserie) (Swedish  of Kiruna are ten degrees celsius in the summer and -15 in the winter.
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Oct 28, 2020 Stockholm and Sweden are very famous for it's beautiful and cold winters. This is however no obstacle for some of the rooftop bars located here 

This is however no obstacle for some of the rooftop bars located here  January is the coldest month in Stockholm with an average temperature of -3°C ( 27°F). That's pretty freaking cold for someone like myself who never has to deal  The winters in Stockholm can be quite unpredictable.